Our offices have been known to provide high-quality services in the tax, legal and administrative field since 1991. This combination has proved to be efficient and successful because of its highly synergetic character. As our offices can provide a total package of legal, tax and accounting services and advice, our offices can be considered as a one-stop-shop. Moreover, we work together with other specialized firms all over the world. Please feel free to contact our offices in case you have a tax, legal or accountancy issue. Our doors are always open. Our firm was established in 1991. Strik Attorneys at Law and Tax Advisors is proud to be an independent office serving a wide range of clients internationally as well as nationally. Over the years the firm has established relations with corresponding offices in various countries. We have achieved a high level of experience in the field of international legal and tax advice, and as such we have come to enjoy great confidence placed in our offices by clients and professional firms in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Specialties: - Tax advice and tax services - Legal advice and legal services - Accounting and administration advice and services - Assistance with the connection to other jurisdictions

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Legal advisor ondernemingsrecht / kandidaat notaris bij Strik LawAMSTERDAM22848
Senior Legal advisor ondernemingsrecht / kandidaat notaris bij Strik Law AMSTERDAM22849
Senior Fiscalist bij Strik Law AMSTERDAM22799